How KwikDokita works? 

KwikDokita is a doctor-client matching system and payment service, and acts only as an intermediary between doctors (health service providers) and patients (Users). It is a health-tech app that has made access to healthcare easier, affordable and quick through its ability to book both home and clinic visits as well as make video consultation. It’s designed to bring a doctor to your doorstep.

KwikDokita services can be accessed either as a doctor or client/patient. To access the service for doctors, one needs to download the KwikDokita (doctor version) to access the doctors’ portal. To access client/patient services, one needs to download the kwikDokita User- app.



  • Download KwikDokita App from Google play store or App store. Identify that you would like to download the app as a patient(client).
  • When Creating an account with KwikDokita(as a patient), you are asked to provide personal details like: 
    1. Full name
    2. Phone number
    3. Email address
    4. Date of birth
    5. Gender
    6. Address
    7. Identification (National ID or Passport)
    8. Password.
  • A patient is able to create a profile for themselves on the KwikDokita app. He or she can upload any past medical history notes on their account.
  • In case one forgets their password, they are required to provide their registered phone number so as to receive password reset details.

Booking a doctor

  • In order to book a doctor, one is supposed to login into the account.
  • You are given the option of booking a doctor for a home visit, clinic visit or video consultation.
  • You can search the type of doctor that you desire,namely: general physician, pediatrician, gynaecologist. A list of available doctors will be given depending on your location and type of doctor searched.
  • After selecting a preferred doctor, a patient is required to select an address (home, office or any other place), the reason for the booking, time and date. One is also required to identify whether the appointment is for oneself or another listed member of the family.
  • Amount to be paid is also listed before the patient confirms the booking.
  • After booking, a patient double checks and confirms the given address.
  • A notification is thereafter sent in a few minutes confirming the booking.
  • As soon as the booking is confirmed, the patient is able to track his or her doctor, how far they are to the address. A patient is also able to send text messages to the doctor for any inquiries on the appointment.
  • A patient can also make a review of the session by giving a rating or writing a comment.

Adding a member of the family

  • A user is allowed to add a member of his or her family to the account.
  • One is required to give the full name, date of birth, gender as well as the relationship to the individual.


  • Payment methods like credit/debit cards and mobile money are acceptable.
  • All payments are listed before booking, so the patient knows how much it will cost.
  • After booking is confirmed, the patient is required to make the payment.

DOCTORs (Health Service Providers)


  • Download the KwikDokita App from Google play store or App store. Identify that you would like to download the app as a Doctor.
  • A doctor is required to open an account/signup where he or she is asked to provide personal details like :
    1. Full name
    2. Phone number
    3. Email address
    4. Date of birth
    5. Gender
    6. Address (Clinic or home)
    7. Password.
  • He or she is also required to give professional details like specification, license number, qualification, years of experience, documents, and availability for home/clinic visits/video consultation, city of operation as well as their signature.
  • For payment purposes, a doctor is required to give bank details like bank name, bank branch, account holder name, account number as well as swift code.
  • The account is supposed to be verified by the administrators after cross checking with the medical council.


  • After verification, the doctor is available for booking by any patient within the specified distance of his address.
  • A list of all bookings/requests to the specific doctor is given after patients request for him or her.
  • The doctor can either accept the booking or reject it. If rejected, the doctor is required to give a reason for doing so.
  • Booking details like address, reason for booking are provided to the doctor. This is after the doctor has accepted the booking.
  • The doctor can therefore start a session as well as write down reports of his findings. He or she can also read through the patient’s medical history and use it to assist the patient accordingly.


  • Doctors receive their earnings per session.
  • These earnings can be tracked through the “My Earning feature” on the app by total number of calls or visits.

A doctor will be available or unavailable for booking only if his app status is on or off respectively. Also he or she will be unavailable during a session until the end of that particular session.